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Nothing screams Independence Day like sitting on the porch with a delicious scoop of homemade ice cream.

Homemade ice cream is so easy to make and beats store-bought by a mile! It just takes a little heads up. I don't want to use the word preparation because literally there is none but it's best it you can make it in advance of when you really want to serve it. I like to let it freeze in a real freezer for a few hours. I don't love soft ice cream.

You can use any 1.5 quart ice cream maker. Just follow the directions on your maker. It usually says to layer ice and rock salt in the sides around the ice cream bowl. Mine (Nutrimill attachment) says to churn it on level 2 for 30 minutes. If you are hand-cranking, I'm proud of you! And your grandma would be too!

This is a simple no-cook recipe. But it's also simply delicious. No one will know (or care) that you didn't go to the extra work of a cooked version.


2 Cups Milk

1 Cup Half and Half

1 Cup Heavy Cream

1 Cup Sugar

1 1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract

1/2 Teaspoon Salt

2 Cups Fresh Raspberries, slightly smashed.

*Optional* Drizzle of Raspberry puree or sauce - for color and added flavor

(I did not add it in the picture above and I didn't regret it one bit)

Stir together all ingredients. I do this right in the bowl of the ice cream maker. No need for more dirty dishes.

I add the raspberries with the other ingredients in the beginning but my maker doesn't really demolish add ins. You can add them in at the end if you prefer.

Keep adding ice and salt to the outer bowl as it melts. After it's done churning you can serve the soft ice cream immediately or pour it into a loaf pan, cover with plastic wrap and place in freezer until desired.

This makes about 8 scoops (4 people) - not much. So make another flavor and serve both. Or make a bunch of flavors and invite the whole neighborhood over.


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