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When my kids were little, I was always so worried about them walking home from school. I just knew they would be kidnapped. Every parents worst nightmare right? So I bought a set of Motorola 2-way radios and taught my 2 school-aged children how to use them. We came up with code names to protect their identity. Lil' Bo Peep, Humpty Dumpty and, you guessed it, Mother Goose. The walkies talkies lasted only a couple weeks but I've used my code name several times over the years.

Now, years later, my darling lil bo peep has grown into a beautiful, smart woman. I often wonder if I've taught her everything she needs to know. I'm sure that I haven't. So in an attempt to mend that, I thought would record a few recipes and things I'd like to share with my daughter and anyone else who'd like to tag along.

I am Mother Goose and these are my memoirs.

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