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Dollar Bill Game (Left, Center, Right)

Each player starts with 3 dollar bills (or quarters if you aren't big spenders).

Roll 1 die to see who starts the game. Highest roll begins the game.

Starting with Player 1 and taking turns clockwise, each player rolls 3 dice and performs the action to the corresponding number on each die:

1 = keep

2 = keep

3 = keep

4 = pass 1 dollar to the player at the left

5 = place 1 dollar in the center of the table

6 = pass 1 dollar to the right

If you do not have dollars in front of you, you forfeit your turn that round.

Continue taking turns until only one person is left with any dollar bills. They then win the whole pot!

This is a fun game for a small group of people. One minute you might be out of dollar bills, but suddenly you find yourself winning again. It's completely a game of chance and a whole lot of laughter.

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