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Cini Minis

The other night while in that state of floating, falling, and gently slipping off to sleep my eyes popped wide open.


I remembered the next morning I was to attend a brunch with friends and I had forgotten to make something to take. Almost as a gift, wrapped in the most beautiful bow, a thought came to me. If I took some frozen roll dough from the freezer and put it in the refrigerator the dough would be thawed by morning. I quickly did that and went back to bed.The next morning I took the thawed roll dough and made the cutest little cinnamon rolls ever. It was an incredible idea and I was so grateful for it. I took the dough for one roll and rolled it out into a long thin oval. I spread a thin layer of butter and sprinkled brown sugar and cinnamon on it and rolled it up lengthwise. I trimmed the 'rough' ends off both sides and then cut it in half. That's right folks 1 roll = 2 mini cinnis. I repeated that 12 times - can you say "easy peasy"? I let them rise about an hour (while I showered and dressed) and baked them for 20 minutes on 350. I frosted them with some delicious cream cheese frosting (recipe to be posted later) I had left over from a carrot cake I made earlier in the week. But in a hurry you could make a quick thin frosting and drizzle over them - which might be prettier. Wallah ~ my brunch item was ready and it looked like I baked all day. They were just perfect for a brunch with all women. Perfect tiny size.

I fried the 'rough ends' in a small pan with a little oil for the kids breakfast. They looked like little tortellinis. Quite funny. My boys loved them!

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