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Perfect Evidence to Perfect Advice

While reading the newspaper today (just a few days behind) I came upon this article. It was enjoyable with great words of wisdom from the author, Phyllis L. Fagel. It is definitely worth a read! She tells us how we can encourage our children rather than dashing dreams. She arms us with 10 ways to accomplish that. Perfect advice!

BUT my story doesn't end there...

Later that day, while watching the news, I watched a tennis player smile the biggest smile ever as he walked onto the tennis court. The newscaster talked about how this unknown Marcus Willis, who is ranked 772, had somehow made his way to the 2nd round at Wimbledon and faced Roger Federer. It made me applaud and smile a big smile too. I remembered the article I had just read hours prior. It was perfect evidence that Ms. Fagel's words were on point.

We should learn to encourage our children in every single one of their crazy dreams. Who says it can't really happen?

And this advice just isn't for those crazy kids of ours. We can all use this advice no matter our age. Just ask Marcus Willis.

or watch Marcus Willis himself in a press conference prior to the big game. Skip a little at the beginning to get to his super cute and relevant answers.

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