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Flat Iron Travel Case (less than $3 and 20 minutes)

Have you ever wondered if you throw your screaming hot flat iron into your suitcase, is it going to literally combust into flames? Well, it's probably not going to catch fire but it probably will melt some stuff or at least make a sweet iron mark on that beautiful silk top. Not that I know about that personally or anything. ahem.

This flat/curling iron travel case is pretty cute, super easy and will definitely keep your hot flat iron under control while traveling. Plus it makes an adorable gift.

What you'll need:

1 each 9" square of decorative fabric

1 each 9" square of ironing board silver heat resistant padding (1/4 yard will make 4)

Sewing machine, thread and about 20 minutes.

After you have your squares cut, sew the right side of the silver fabric to the right side of the decorative fabric together on one edge.

Trim seam. You can do a top stitch on the top of that seam if you want to be all fancy. I did not.

Fold in half lengthwise with right sides together as shown here...

Sew across end of decorative fabric and then up the full length, creating a tube... with one end sewn shut... so what's that? hmmm

Be sure to keep the seams where the silver fabric and the deco fabric meet even when sewing the sides together. You want that seam to be as perfect as possible. This photo is of me trying to keep it straight. The next photo is of the seam after I've turned it so you can see why it's important to keep them even here. As you might figure out, I actually sewed this one backwards starting at the top of the silver and coming down to the deco fabric. If you sew yours in reverse, you won't have to fight to keep the seam edges under the presser foot. We learn as we go.

Trim seams.

Turn the tube (or long skinny case) right side out. Notice that beautiful seam you've just created by fighting to keep everything straight.

Sew the silver end closed. This one has to be wrong sides together leaving you with an ugly raw edge. If you have a serger that will make it a cleaner finish, but it's not necessary since no one will ever see it.

Stuff the silver inside and tada! Awesome! Have flat iron case; will travel.

I hope you get to use it on some cool trip to a tropical island.

Wait... who takes a flat iron to a tropical island? Beach hair; don't care.

I hope you get to use it on your next trip to Paris. Oui oui!

But then you have to buy a power outlet converter. ugh!

I hope you get to use it when you put your flat iron away at home in your drawer. :(

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